Community Event

Node.js Berlin Community Meetup

A meetup to learn and share your experience with Node.js
13 March 2018
18:45 CET
Duration: 3 hours
Community Event

Talk #1: Hardware Hacking for Web Developers Dominik Kundel will take a look at how you can take the web out of the classic context of browsers into the world of personal assistants and IoT devices. Enjoy hardware hacking even if you don't have a degree in Electrical Engineering and how you can use your existing Node.js knowledge for your projects.

Talk #2: Building Performant API's with Koa.js Two years ago Alex gave a talk claiming Koa is marvelous. Since that he's gone over some pitfalls on his koa.js way. Now it's time to share that experience and clarify in which cases koa is the useful tool and vice versa.

This event has ended
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