Viewing Contentful Data in Neo4j (Presentation & Hands-on Workshop)

A workshop to learn how to view contentful content model in a Neo4J graph database

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Contentful Meetup

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September 05, 2018
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM BST

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Description & schedule

This event is co-hosted by our friends at: JS Monthly https://www.meetup.com/js-monthly/ GraphDB London https://www.meetup.com/graphdb-london/

Chris Eyre, a Platform Architect at Pottermore (The Digital Heart of the Wizarding World), will demonstrate a utility that he wrote to visualize and query Contentful (a headless, cloud hosted Content Management System) opening opportunities to:

  • Check content has been entered and published
  • Locate duplicates
  • Find orphan entries or images
  • Allow queries across content types (the Contentful content api is one content type at a time)
  • Count entries with a certain attribute (i.e. colour)
  • Determine that a content type is unused
  • Determine that a field is unused.
  • Validate complex business rules (such as this field must have three of this entry attached)

If time permits, he will also demonstrate deploying this to a Graphene database hosted in Heroku.

For the workshop, you will need:

-A laptop -Neo4j installed (https://neo4j.com/download/) -Node plus your favourite editor -Git -A Contentful account (minimum of free tier)

Optionally: -A Heroku account with a credit card attached (it won't be billed for the demo) Heroku CLI

About the Speaker

Chris Eyre has worked in a number of industries including Defence (simulating blowing up tanks), Banking (we dropped £1M cash though a robotics pick and pack system test it), Insurance (insuring among other thing Satellites), Futures Trading (investing $20M via an automated genetic algorithm trading system) and Digital Publishing (launching the best selling book of the decade) during his 25 year software development career. He is a loyal Hufflepuff and lives in South East London with his wife and cats. When not coding he enjoys middle distance running, board games and trips to the cinema.

This event has ended!

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