API City

Come meet up us at API City, near Seattle. Our very own Rouven Wessling will be giving talks on GraphQL Schema Stitching and Automated Testing of (RESTful) API Docs.
3 October 2018, 08:00 CEST — 4 October 2018, 15:40 CEST

Come see our talks at API City.

API Mashup Combining APIs using GraphQL Schema Stitching

Time: 12:00pm - 12:25pm

Date: October 3rd


In music, a mashup is a song created by blending two or more existing ones into a new work. In a good mashup, the resulting song will feel completely natural and be just a great song.

In today’s golden age of APIs, nobody would bat an eye if you’re using half a dozen APIs in a project. Not only do they all work slightly different, you also have to remember which data is located in which API and what fields indicate a foreign key to another API.

What we need, are API Mashups. By stitching together multiple GraphQL schemas we can take away the overhead of having to remember where data is located and how to resolve references between them.

This talk will show you how to use schema stitching to annotate a public API with private metadata resulting in a more powerful API, ready to build great tooling with less effort.

Automated Testing of (RESTful) API Documentation

Time: 10:40am - 12:25am

Date: October 4th


There are few things more frustrating than documentation that doesn’t match the implementation – especially when it’s documentation for your customers. In actively developed software that is a reoccurring problem. As the product evolves the documentation often lags behind and sometimes breaking changes sneak it, breaking the very examples that are part of the documentation. To avoid all these problems, it’s time to start testing your docs. In this talk I’ll show you what’s currently possible when it comes to testing documentation, how to start testing API documentation written using API Blueprints and how to incorporate it into your workflow.

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Rouven Weßling
Developer Relations,
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