Contentful Meetup

Contentful Developers Meetup Helsinki #2: Content for custom audiences and powerful, cost-effective apps

Talks about serving customized content to different audiences and building cheap and powerful apps with Contentful, Sinatra, and Heroku
13 November 2018
18:30 CET
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Contentful Meetup

If you have a project you'd like to share, let us know


6:30 PM: Doors open. Have some food and drinks before the talks start.

7:00 PM: 🗣 Dynamic Schema Generation for Changing Data Models - Stephan Schneider - Contentful

Designing one API is hard. Aiming to find the perfect sweet spot, a lot of decisions are to be made, so every API consumer gets what they need. In our case the API surface changes between every single of our customers. Learn about design decisions & trade-offs when designing a thousand APIs at once.

7:30 PM: 🗣 Contentful, Sinatra & Heroku - Powerful & Cost-effective Development on Ruby - Teemu Tammela - A-lehdet Oy/Creator of AuralCandy.Net

Teemu will explore the possibilities of the technology stack formed by Contentful Delivery API Ruby client, Sinatra domain-specific language and Heroku cloud PaaS platform.

Teemu is a software developer at A-lehdet Oy, creator and co-host DJ of AuralCandy.Net - Premium House Music Podcast.

8:00 PM: 🗣 Matching Content to Custom Audiences - Riikka Helkkula and Joni Turunen - Frosmo

Riikka and Joni will talk about tagging content in Contentful to be served to different audience segments created using Frosmo.

8:30 PM: 👋 Meet other developers using Contentful

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