Toronto Community Meetup #5

Making complex entries intuitive for editors, and using Contentful at scale

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Contentful Meetup

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February 26, 2019
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM EST

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Description & schedule

If you are interested in sharing a project with the rest of our community, come speak at one of our meetups. Check out our become a speaker program, and reach out to us if you have any questions.


6:00 PM: Doors open. Get some food and drinks before the talks.

6:30 PM: Building AIR MILES® Next Generation Perks Platform - Eugene Miyagawa-Miskin, Sukhdeep Samrai (LoyaltyOne), Erich Reich (Quantum Mob)

Learn how the development teams from AIR MILES® and Quantum Mob Inc. are leveraging Contentful to create a next generation PERKS platform designed for pace, flexibility, stability, and scale.

7:00 PM: Making complex entries intuitive for editors - Diego La Manno (ecobee)

Use Contentful, UI extensions and APIs to transform complex requirements into simple solutions for content editors.

7:30 PM: Have some more drinks and food

Learn more about Contentful:

Loud & clear: Our speakers

Diego La Manno

Web Developer

Diego La Manno

Web Developer @ecobee Design hunter. Music addict. Videogamer. Tech aficionado. Health/Fitness enthusiastic. Sticker collector. Currently, I invest most of my time with the JAMStack and Serverless.

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