Contentful Meetup

Amsterdam Community Meetup #5

Learn more about Contentful, and meet other users.
21 May 2019
18:00 CEST
Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Contentful Meetup
Us Media
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Learn more about Contentful, and meet other users.


If you are interested in sharing a project with the rest of our community, come speak at one of our meetups. Check out our become a speaker program, and reach out to us if you have any questions.


6:00 PM: Doors open. Get some food and drinks before the talks.

6:30 PM: Building an extensible Contentful - Alex Suevalov (Contentful)

In this talk you'll learn about latest UI Extensions releases and how to build UI extensions using modern web stack and brand new CLI - create-contentful-extension.

Alex is a frontend developer at Contentful. He is passionate about performance and maintainability of systems, simplifying processes, and getting things done.

7:00 PM: Using Contentful's Rich Text Editor - Jorinde Reijnierse (Us Media)

Implementing a more editor friendly text solution with Contentful's Rich Text. Specifically, how US Media used the richTextToHtml library in one of their latest client projects.

7:30 PM: Have some more drinks and food

Learn more about Contentful:

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Alex Suevalov
Frontend Developer
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