Contentful Meetup

Berlin Community Meetup #11

The one about building Red Apple Bingo and Contentful UI extensions
17 September 2019
18:30 CEST
Duration: 3 hours
Contentful Meetup
Contentful FooBar
Berlin, Germany

The one about building Red Apple Bingo and Contentful UI extensions


If you are interested in sharing a project with the rest of our community, come speak at one of our meetups. Check out our become a speaker program, and reach out to us if you have any questions.


6:30 PM: Doors open. Get some food and drinks before the talks.

7:00 PM: The making of "Red Apple Bingo" - JAM stack w/ custom Contentful extensions - Russell Snyder (Wunderdog)

Translating a client's wishes into software is one of the hardest tasks of a software developer. With the help of the product owner Irini-Alexia (Health Psychology - Terzakis Consulting), Russell will show and explain his process of discovering and programming the components of Red Apple Bingo - a web app that enables users to reach their health goals through gamification.

In the end, a JAM stack was decided with a backend in frontend solution using React, Gatsby, Node and Netlify for CI/CD all of which is open source and can be found here:

Russell loves turning ideas into digital realities! As a Fullstack developer and consultant at Wunderdog GmbH, he helps clients with various steps of their business's digital transformations everyday. In addition to building software, he focuses on optimizing communications between all parties involved in a project so that the process and final product can be as meaningful as possible.

7:30 PM: Building an extensible Contentful - Alex Suevalov (Contentful)

In this talk you'll learn about latest UI Extensions releases and how to build UI extensions using modern web stack and brand new CLI - create-contentful-extension.

8:00 PM: Have some more drinks and food

Learn more about Contentful:

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Russell Snyder
Fullstack Developer
Alex Suevalov
Frontend Developer
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