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DXperts in Action - How Danone and AKQA built a brand portal and the YoPRO Global site using white labeling and a modular foundation


Digital experts in any company, brand or team can advocate for solving digital challenges by building solutions that change the way things are done.

DXperts in Action is a peer-to-peer virtual event series built for (and by) a community of digital experts. The series shares real stories from forward-thinking brands and partners on how they used Contentful to solve their technical challenges and deliver agile and scalable digital experiences.

To kick off the series in 2021, Danone and AKQA shared how they developed a brand portal and a new brand site using the modular development features of Contentful.

Melanie Gorka, Marcos Mellado and Delphine Desfeux talked about how Danone took on the challenge to design and develop a brand portal using a white-label design system. This allowed them to build on a modular foundation to create bespoke brand pages that are unique while staying true to the brand’s style guide.

They also shared the success story of developing and redesigning the new YoPRO Global brand site within eight weeks by using the existing Activia designs, code and content model.


Recommended for

Digital business leads, contributors and team members. Engineering, Architecture & IT project owners. Product marketers and technical marketing folks.

Recorded on
23 February 2021
45 minutes
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Delphine Desfeux
Digital & Media Manager
Melanie Gorka
UX & Service Design Director
Marcos Mellado
Tech Lead
Event Partners


AKQA is a leading digital agency, bringing experiences into reality.

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