Applying e-commerce principles to content

Recorded on
21 April 2021
44 minutes

Webbdagarna is a two-day digital event with inspiring keynote lectures, use cases and hands-on workshops for digital professionals. Contentful and Frosmo kicked off the first day of the event on Apr. 21, with a joint breakfast seminar talk.

Moritz Guth from Contentful helped us better understand why structured content is a valuable asset and how it can be used in commerce-like compositions to track and personalize digital experiences. He also shared how this improves the quality of lead generation through the use of tailored recommendations for every unique persona accessing your digital channels.

Maija Erkheikki showed how Frosmo’s dynamic AI-driven content recommendations engine utilizes visitors’ personal data and combines it with contextual recommendations and predictions to give the visitor the most relevant content at every moment. The end result is higher engagement and return visits — and a superior personalized customer experience.

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Digital business leads, contributors and team members. Product marketers and technical marketing folks. Engineering, Architecture & IT project owners.

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Moritz Guth
Moritz Guth
Senior Manager, Web Marketing
Maija Erkheikki, Chief Channel Officer at Frosmo
Maija Erkheikki
Chief Channel Officer

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