Headless CMS without headaches for content teams


DMEXCO@Home brings together industry leaders, marketing and media professionals and tech pioneers to set the digital agenda from the comfort of their homes. Contentful Product Marketing Manager, Jamie Bolland, and Enterprise Solution Engineer, Harry Jeyarajah, delivered a masterclass on the event’s M5 stage. 

Together, Jamie and Harry explored how content platforms, like headless CMSes, are used to build cutting-edge digital experiences that span the entire customer journey and multiple touch points. Builder ethos, agile teams and cloud-native platforms are just a few aspects the two covered that are included in the suggested holistic approach businesses can take when creating digital experiences. 

Learn more about how content and tech teams can utilize collaborative builder mindsets and tools to outpace the competition and support customers while still incorporating a straightforward editorial UI.

Harry and Jamie Post event visual
Recorded on
7 September 2021
27 minutes
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Photo of Harry Jeyarajah
Harry Jeyarajah
Enterprise Solution Engineer
Jamie Bolland
Jamie Bolland
Product Marketing Manager

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