DXperts in Action: How Alturos Destinations built an e-commerce one-stop shop for tourism

Recorded on
26 January 2022

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DXperts in Action is a peer-to-peer virtual event series built for (and by) a community of digital experts. The series shares real stories from forward-thinking brands and partners on how they used Contentful to solve their technical challenges and deliver agile and scalable digital experiences.

For more than 10 years, Alturos Destinations has been building software for the tourism industry. The company's operating system package offerings help tourist sites and train companies to better execute digital sales strategies.

Most recently, Alturos Destinations released Destination OS, a travel app and ecommerce shop that offers a variety of travel experiences. From train tickets through dreamy Switzerland to dynamically priced ski-trips, it's all accessible by mobile device. Available as a native or progressive web app, Destination OS pushes Contentful beyond storing content — it uses the content platform to capture information such as weather and slope status.

Watch the talk to learn how Alturos Destinations handles its complex ecommerce content models with Contentful — we also throw in breathtaking views of the company’s popular destinations.

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Digital business leads, ecommerce managers, content model designers and travel aficionados. Architecture and IT project owners. Product marketers and technical marketing folks.

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Alturos Destinations
Gilberto Loacker
Director of the Board
Alturos Destinations
Alturos Destinations
Christian Mairitsch
Head of marketing technology
Alturos Destinations
Alturos Destinations
Lisa Steurer
Online marketing & content strategist
Alturos Destinations

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