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DXperts in Action: Boretti and Ask Phill bring Italian culinary experiences to the world with a headless ecommerce setup

Recorded on
29 September 2022
49 minutes

Digital experts in any company, brand or team can advocate for solving digital challenges by building solutions that change the way things are done.

DXperts in Action is a peer-to-peer virtual event series built for (and by) a community of digital experts. The series shares real stories from forward-thinking brands and partners on how they used Contentful to solve their technical challenges and deliver agile and scalable digital experiences.

Boretti offers a range of high-end, beautifully designed, and easy-to-use kitchen appliances inspired by Italy. In 2021, the brand approached leading digital agency Ask Phill with the ambition of launching a new platform capable of supporting its global expansion. The result was a headless platform where Contentful’s content management power complements Shopify Plus’s back-end structure and a mighty middleware solution.

During our upcoming DXperts event, these companies will share why a headless setup featuring Contentful and Shopify Plus was the only solution for a project focused on international scaling. They’ll also share the importance of:

  • Flexible technology setups

  • Aligning the customer journey to product experience

  • Localization


11:00 a.m. CEST - Event kickoff

11:05 a.m. CEST - Project spotlight talk by Peter, Martijn and Gordon

11:35 a.m. CEST - Audience Q&A

11:55 a.m. CEST - Event wrap-up

Recommended for

This event is built for digital business leads, ecommerce managers, content model designers and anyone passionate about retail. Architecture and IT project owners, product marketers and technical marketing folks are also invited.

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Senior Digital Strategist at Boretti
Peter Godijn
Senior Digital Strategist
Martijn Wijsmuller, Ask Phill
Martijn Wijsmuller
Founder and Commercial Director
Ask Phill
Gordon So, Ask Phill
Gordon So
Tech Lead
Ask Phill

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