Revitalizing the Global Marketplace: Alamy's Journey from Legacy to the Future

Recorded on
15 June 2023

Hear firsthand from Suzie Leckie, who leads the digital transformation at Alamy; and IONA Founder & CEO, Mikko Mantila as they discuss Alamy’s remarkable digital commerce transformation through the adoption of cutting-edge composable technologies.

Contentful Account Executive, Tabitha Mussa, was joined by the pair as they openly shared the challenges Alamy faced as it navigated the complexities of its legacy systems and sought a fresh direction. View the recording now to discover how Alamy, working closely with IONA, harnessed the power of composable technologies to unlock new levels of agility, scalability, and innovation. Alamy's digital transformation journey serves as an inspiring example for businesses across industries. 

Whether you're a content professional, a technology enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of digital commerce, you won't want to miss this, so take a look today.

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Suzie is a commercially minded product specialist at Alamy, with a proven track record of delivering multi-product roadmaps as part of large scale digital transformation and channel migration programs. Alamy  supplies thousands of creative professionals with images produced by the best professIONAl photographers and photo agencies, across 173 countries, adding over 100,000 new images every day.
Suzie Leckie
Product Expert
Tablitha is an enterprise level sales executive, with a wealth of experience leading SaaS organzations, across a diverse portfolio of solutions.
Tabitha Mussa
Account Executive
Mikko is a seasoned management consultant focused on finding growth opportunities and new business models using digital technologies. Mikko is the  Founder and CEO of IONA, an award winning digital commerce agency, that specializes in modern composable technologies.
Mikko Mantila
Founder and CEO

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