Live Demo: How to Build a Streamlined Knowledge Base


Watch this demo recording to discover how a composable content platform simplifies the creation and maintenance of a cohesive knowledge base, ensuring consistency across various channels. Consumers often prefer to find answers independently, and platforms that provide self-service options yield the best results for both businesses and customers. Offering users reliable answers from the start enhances brand loyalty, advocacy, and customer lifetime value, ultimately reducing costs. It is more cost-effective to keep current customers satisfied than to acquire new ones.

In this demo, you will learn to:

  • Enable editors to manage the appearance and functionality of knowledge base elements, including SEO metadata, microcopy, and promotional banners

  • Reuse content to ensure consistent and up-to-date answers, regardless of who the customer interacts with

  • Establish a single source of truth throughout your organization

  • Utilize content analytics to uncover high-value opportunities within your knowledge base

  • Use workflows to ensure all content is reviewed and approved by the relevant stakeholders before publication

Knowledge Base Live Demo (EMEA)
Recorded on
5 June 2024
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Maarten Dings
Maarten Dings
Senior Solution Engineer
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