Maximize today’s investments: building a composable commerce future with Deloitte and The Clorox Company

Recorded on
November 8, 2023

Is your digital team overworked and struggling to keep pace with ambitious company goals? Does the idea of going direct to consumer or rapidly upping your commerce game fill you with panic and dread?

Good news: With a few slight adjustments, you can alleviate some of that pressure by maximizing the investments you’ve already made to drive greater agility and ROI! In this conversation, we’ll discuss regaining control of your technology and your content, plus how to get started quickly by making the right enhancements in your commerce tech stack.

View the recording of our conversation with Brian Jenney, Senior Engineering Manager at The Clorox Company, and Paul do Forno, Managing Director at Deloitte Digital as they discuss their first-hand experience in adopting a composable tech stack with Contentful’s Director of Content, Nicole France.

You’ll walk away from this 30-minute interactive conversation with a clear understanding of:

  • What composability is

  • The benefits of a composable infrastructure - diving specifically into the commerce use case 

  • Best practices for getting started with a composable infrastructure

  • How to prepare teams for this technology transition 

Headlines is Contentful’s series of conversations on content, drawing on a range of insights from practitioners, partners, and informed observers. Curated by digital experts, Headlines presents first-hand narratives on forward-thinking brands and collaborative partners that use Contentful to overcome technical hurdles and deliver scalable digital experiences.

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Nicole France Headshot
Nicole France
Chief Evangelist
Paul do Forno
Paul do Forno
Partner Managing Director
Brian Jenney
Brian Jenney
Senior Engineering Manager

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