The Power of Composable Content webinar

Recorded on
January 17, 2024

Instead of getting bogged down by manual tasks, having intelligent features that automate tasks and visualization tools that enable teams to collaborate effortlessly is key.
If your company is looking to drive growth while moving away from monolithic tech, where do you start? Shifting from a headless CMS to a composable content platform serves major business benefits including deeper extensibility and flexibility, making it easier than ever to build state-of-the-art experiences customers love. This is where content can be broken down into modular components and allow brands to create infinitely and reuse that content across multi-brands, use cases, channels, and regions — everything brands need to drive business momentum, right at their fingertips.

This webinar explores:

  • Composable content, a groundbreaking approach that focuses on designing reusable content across various formats from the start.

  • How composable content platforms, surpassing the capabilities of traditional headless CMS, empower both developers and non-technical users to collaborate seamlessly within the same platform.

  • How to move beyond the limitations of monolithic CMS by adopting headless CMS and composable content platforms.

  • How to craft content that dynamically adapts to diverse front-ends via APIs, enabling personalized customer experiences while ensuring message consistency and brand control.

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Sara Sullivan
VP, Solution Engineering
Karen McGrane
Karen McGrane
Content Strategist

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