What benefits will composable give my business?

Recorded on
September 26, 2023

The digital-first era demands a lot from businesses. There's a whole new set of workforce skills and technologies that are required to create more meaningful engagements across customer touchpoints. The stakes have never been higher, and the brands that don’t make the shift have to improve or risk their very survival.

Tune in Sept. 26 at 9:00 a.m. PDT/12:00 p.m. EDT to find out what the leading retailers are doing to keep up with their customers in today’s digital landscape. This webinar will feature members of Contentful’s partner ecosystem including James Semple, Director of Product from Salesforce Commerce Cloud, John Duncan, co-founder and CEO of  64Labs, Chris McComas, EVP of Merkle CX & Commerce Americas Lead, and Contentful’s VP of Solution Engineering, Sara Sullivan. These industry leaders will provide tips on how to boost ecommerce performance based on latest market trends, share insights on the current state of ecommerce and where it's headed.

Get inspired by composable and gain a deeper understanding of how you can:

  • Embark on a transition from legacy infrastructure to a composable approach for agile commerce

  • Be forward-thinking with solutions available in the market to scale faster

  • Make smarter marketing technology investments based on data from Forrester and Gartner that allow for more personalized user experiences 

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James Semple
James Semple
Director of Product
Salesforce Commerce Cloud
John Duncan
John Duncan
Co-founder and CEO
Chris McComas
Chris McComas
CX & Commerce Americas Lead
A photo of Sara Sullivan
Sara Sullivan
VP, Solution Engineering

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