Excel at customer experiences,
not custom backends

GraphQL is a simple-to-use data query format that allows front-end developers to define exact server responses and aggregate content from multiple sources without the overhead of managing backend systems.


Turn content silos into engaging apps

GraphQL powers a wide range of proven architectures

Mobile apps

Build faster, more responsive mobile apps by making fewer API calls and shrinking data transfers.

Modern stack websites

Use cutting-edge front-end technologies and frameworks to build robust websites.

Content hubs

Aggregate your content from multiple sources and deliver it to any touchpoint.

Modular architectures

Empower individual teams to evolve and manage data APIs without external dependencies.

Content fetching

Build faster, more responsive apps

Keep your visitors browsing and customers engaged. GraphQL helps reduce the number of API calls and the amount of data transfers, leading to quicker responses, faster interactions and better business results.
GraphiQL editor
GraphiQL editor

Keep your developers productive

Help your team avoid context switching: the GraphiQL client allows developers to explore data schema, consult documentation and debug their code — all in the same place.
Language agnosticism

Work in the language of your choice

React or Angular? Ruby or Java? Let your developers choose the best language and tools for the job. GraphQL's language-agnostic format enables you to work in the language of your choice without relying on SDKs.
Publish Illustration
Content previews

Preview both draft and live content

Discover a better way to stitch together content and presentation. The GraphQL API enables development teams to build flexible preview environments and view published and draft content side by side.
Data soures

Integrate data from multiple sources

Combine deep customer knowledge with unprecedented technical functionality in a matter of days. Schema stitching enables your app to query legacy databases, modern APIs and specialized services through a single API endpoint.
Stable schema

Reduce your technical debt

Evolving your backend does not have to lead to breaking things. A GraphQL layer enables you to maintain a consistent view of your underlying data, while leaving responsible teams free to evolve and replace individual data sources.

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