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About the Color Picker app

The Color Picker app allows you to select colors within Contentful fields, helping content editors to adjust the look of elements and components across your channels.

The app can store color values in both short text and JSON format, depending on configuration.


  • Select a custom color using a color wheel or HEX values
  • Select a color from a predefined theme
  • Utilize validation on the configured short text field to select from a subset of your predefined theme


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Sample JSON response

When assigned to a JSON field, the app stored the value in the following format:

  "id": "047d8164-b131-4b9d-80b5-ba06e9ef4cbf",
  "name": "Blue",
  "value": "#0088cc"

When assigned to a short text field, the response will be a simple HEX string, e.g. #0088cc.


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