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About Compose

Compose gives content creators a simplified interface that allows them to create, manage and publish full web pages.

This page-based model streamlines the process of adding content and publishing to web properties. This makes it much easier for editorial users who are new to working with structured content, and speeds up the process for all users.

Compose is built using structured content, which means that content can be easily reused in Compose, and that content created in Compose can be reused in other locations.

Page models can be built very flexibly. This means editorial teams can be given clear templates to work with to ensure uniformity, or given more latitude in building content.

Compose hides the distractions of structured content so that content teams can focus on delivering great web content.

Compose is available to Teams and Premium (formerly Enterprise) users. Premium users automatically gain access to Compose and can test the app by installing it from the Apps tab in their space. Teams customers can add Compose for $1,995/month.

If you’re new to Contentful, you can set up a new account here.


  • Create and manage web content in a simplified interface
  • Publish pages with one button
  • SEO management is integrated into the page creation process
  • Build page models with flexibility or uniformity to suit use cases
  • Easily preview full pages


  • Contentful admin support to purchase and install the app


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