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About Launch

Launch provides editorial teams powerful scheduling and publishing tools to automate both major and routine content launches.

Teams can now create releases, which group together content entries for simultaneous publication either immediately or on a schedule.

Releases make it easy to monitor, schedule, or publish entries and assets that are part of major events like product launches, promotions, or rebranding. Releases can also be validated in advance and scheduled for publication at a future date, so everyone can sleep soundly.

Launch also includes a calendar tool which shows every scheduled publishing and unpublishing event for releases and individual entries. This helps optimize project planning and avoid overlapping campaigns within a digital experience.


  • Create releases to group content that will be published together
  • Gain greater visibility to large projects
  • Easily adjust scheduled publishing
  • Get a clear view of upcoming publishing and unpublishing events


  • Available to users in Team, Basic, Enterprise, and Premium plans. If you’re new to Contentful, you can set up a new account here.
  • Contentful admin support to purchase and install the app

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