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Launch brings powerful scheduling and overview tools that improve your team’s productivity in Contentful and allows you to deliver major projects faster than ever.

Teams can now create releases, which group together content entries for simultaneous publication either immediately or on a schedule.

Releases make it easy to monitor the progress of entries and assets that are part of large events in Contentful, such as product launches, promotional events or rebranding a site, then easily publish or schedule it as a single entity. Releases can also be validated in advance, so you can schedule publication overnight and still sleep soundly.

Launch also includes a calendar tool, which shows every scheduled publishing and unpublishing event in your space - both releases and individual entries. This helps to plan projects and avoid campaigns overlapping within a digital experience.

Also added in Launch are custom workflow states also improve collaboration within by giving quick visual indications of an entry’s status. Workflow statuses are fully customizable, and can be used to filter entries within a release or across your space to help you prioritize your workload and keep projects on track.

Launch simplifies both major and routine content releases in Contentful, and gives the teams in charge of content delivery a new level of visibility and flexibility in how they use Contentful.

Launch is available to Teams and Premium (formerly Enterprise) users. Premium users automatically gain access to Launch and can test the app by installing it from the Apps tab in their space. Teams customers can add Launch for $1,995/month.

If you’re new to Contentful, you can set up a new account here.


  • Create releases to group content that will be published together
  • Improved overview of large projects in Contentful
  • Add content entries to release from within Launch or from the web app
  • Easily alter scheduled publishing to react to external issues
  • Calendar view gives project owners a clear view of upcoming publishing and unpublishing events in their Space
  • Custom workflow states make it easy to track the progress of content entries or flag them for attention


  • Contentful admin support to purchase and install the app

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