Contentful apps extend and expand the capabilities of the Contentful web app. You can integrate your favorite third-party services, build better workflows and customize what you can do with Contentful.

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Automate tags on visuals with AI Image tagging app
Find and use brand, marketing and product assets from your Brandfolder library
Find and use brand, marketing and product assets from your Bynder library
Seamlessly deliver images and videos with the Cloudinary app
Add enterprise-grade ecommerce products with the Commerce Layer app
Connect products with content via the commercetools app
Connect Contentful and Dropbox to easily share content
Connect with Frontify to access brand style guides, pattern libraries and design systems
Instantly see content changes on your website with the Gatsby app
Track content performance via the Google Analytics app
Optimally crop images for different screen sizes with the Image Focal Point app
Collaborate seamlessly on content edits with the Jira app
Create a knowledge base powered by Contentful
Upload video assets using the Mux app
Easily build and preview sites with the Netlify app
Enable experimentation at scale with the Optimizely app
Integrate engaging ecommerce experiences with the Shopify app
Automate and streamline localization with the Smartling app
Reference typeforms from your content via the Typeform app
Invoke a serverless function in response to content changes with AWS Lambda
Automatically stores contentful data in your S3 bucket
Decouple notifications about content changes from consuming systems via AWS SQS
Instantly updates the Algolia index when entries are published or unpublished
Trigger a pipeline on Bitbucket when content is changed
Trigger a CircleCI build when content is changed
Automatically keep Elasticsearch up-to-date
Trigger a GitLab pipeline when an entry or asset is changed
Invoke a serverless function via Google Cloud when content is changed
Automatically trigger a Heroku build when an entry is published or unpublished
Notify users via email about content changes with Mailgun
Publishes a message to a PubNub channel for all events.
Send alerts via Slack when content is changed
Trigger a Travis CI build when content is changed
Send notifications via SMS with Twilio when content entries are published
Run a serverless function with a Webtask webhook when content is changed
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