Contentful apps extend and expand the capabilities of the Contentful web app. You can integrate your favorite third-party services, build better workflows and customize what you can do with Contentful.

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Learn how to build an app
Generate content, SEO keywords and descriptions, and translate with Contentful AI Content Generator
Generate and transform images with the power of AI!
Add alt text for your images, powered by AI
Building and managing websites with Contentful is easier with Arboretum sitemaps
Maximize experiences and efficiency with AI-driven content quality management
Quickly embed Ceros content from a library of experiences into the Contentful CMS
Select colors in your Contentful fields
Add flexibility and customization to your content types with conditional field logic
Import AI-transformed blogs generated from your videos with the Contenda app
Design engaging, digital customer experiences
Optimally crop images for different screen sizes with the Image Focal Point app
Easily access your images when and where you need them
Collaborate seamlessly on content edits with the Jira app
Providing the best tools to accelerate website creation on Contentful
Create a repeatable list of key-value pairs, perfect for ingredients lists, products, SKUs, and more
Gain control of your CX to drive revenue and increase loyalty with Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector
Build new content visually without waiting for developers.
Client and server-side A/B testing, personalization, and recommendations - all from one platform
Notify collaborators on Slack about content changes
Optimize your content for SEO based on Google search results analysis and NLP
Power up file uploading, processing, and delivery in one setting
Scores your text based on how much of it was likely generated by AI
The AI writing assistant for teams
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