Contentful and Twilio Partner to Enable Personalized, Omnichannel Customer Experiences

July 20, 2023

Deliver better content experiences with data to accelerate growth and personalization at scale

Contentful is pleased to announce its partnership with Twilio Segment, the customer engagement platform that drives real-time, personalized experiences for today’s leading brands. This partnership enables companies to leverage their first-party data to build and deliver tailored content experiences at scale for accelerated growth. 

Customers have come to expect personalized, consistent interactions across the entire omnichannel experience. In order to gain a competitive edge, companies must deliver these experiences immediately and at scale, which requires digital teams to be able to work independently but in coordination, to eliminate repetitive work that wastes time and resources, and to deliver consistency throughout content experiences on all channels.

Contentful enables agile, seamless commerce experiences

The Contentful® Composable Content Platform brings the building blocks of content together to create once and reuse across channels, in any digital experience. Pairing Contentful with Twilio Segment’s access to countless customer data streams enables digital teams to seamlessly create data-driven personalized content journeys, and automate content decisions with real-time customer insights. Together, Contentful and Twilio Segment help businesses compose and distribute content to the right customer, at the right time, on the right channel, regardless of scale or complexity. 

“We are excited to give our customers the opportunity to leverage this powerful integration of data and content with Twilio Segment,” said Steve Sloan, CEO, Contentful. “With the combination of Contentful and Twilio Segment, companies will be able to create dynamic, personalized experiences that engage today’s consumers and build lasting customer relationships.”

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Contentful that enables businesses to leverage the power of their own first-party data to personalize content for their customers,” said Kevin Harris, VP of Business Development and Alliances, Twilio Segment. “This combination of the Contentful Composable Content platform and Twilio Segment Customer Data Platform is so powerful that not only do we encourage our customers to adopt it, we ourselves are customers of Contentful and benefit from this integration.”

Contentful partner network accelerates time to market

Contentful and Twilio share joint customers such as Shell Energy and TaskRabbit. Recently, TaskRabbit joined Contentful at its inaugural Storylines event and spoke about how it is leveraging Contentful and Twilio Segment to improve customer experience. 

“Personalization and knowing which customers to reach on which channels is top of mind for us, and Segment and Contentful are two solutions that are core to our personalized marketing strategy," said Nikhita Sagar, Lead Product Manager, TaskRabbit. "Segment not only lets us know who our customer is, but what they're doing and what they need. With this context, Contentful lets us serve up dynamic content to meet their specific needs. We are very excited about this partnership and how it can continue to help us build great customer experiences.”

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About Contentful’s Partner Ecosystem

Contentful works with both solution and technology partners all over the world to help customers deliver world-class, content-driven digital experiences that support their business goals. In today’s composable landscape, Contentful’s strong partner ecosystem – made up of industry experts from leading agencies and consultancies, as well as other best-in-class technologies – enables organizations to deliver the compelling, personalized experiences that customers demand.

About Contentful

The Contentful® Composable Content Platform brings the building blocks of content together to create once and reuse for any digital experience. The API-first platform integrates easily with data sources and new functionality as digital experiences and technology evolve. With built-in orchestration, a robust app ecosystem, and app framework to easily extend the platform, Contentful frees teams across the business to work together to connect, create, and extend content more efficiently. Contentful helps companies unlock the power of digital content so they can build faster and deliver at scale, making their content a strategic business asset. Nearly 30% of the Fortune 500 and thousands of companies around the world rely on Contentful to help them bring their best ideas to life. For more information, visit

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