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Unlock the potential of data-driven personalization to deliver unparalleled customer experiences. Watch a webinar here to find out what our solution engineers have to say about personalization and see a live demo of our integration.
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Content needs data to create meaningful experiences

Customers expect personalized, consistent interactions across the entire omnichannel experience. An agile, composable tech stack with Twilio Segment and Contentful can deliver quickly and at scale, helping deliver the customer experiences that drive growth and gain a competitive edge.

Brands look to Twilio Segment and Contentful to

  • Increase engagement and conversion logo

    Increase engagement and conversion

    with consolidated data and a unified view of your customer at every interaction.

  • Automate content decisions in real time logo

    Automate content decisions in real time

    so you can execute personalized journeys faster, learn along the way, and adjust as needed.

  • Deliver targeted messaging and content  logo

    Deliver targeted messaging and content

    for personalized experiences based on audience segments across websites and mobile apps.

Build and deliver tailored content for your customers

With the new integration between Twilio Segment, the Contentful Composable Content Platform, and the help of Ninetailed, businesses can now leverage their first-party data to personalize content for their customers.

At the core of this partnership is the integration of CDP, personalization, and CMS technology. Twilio Segment collects and organizes customer data, while Contentful and Ninetailed enable flexible, fast content management in a unified and composable platform. Together, they enable a seamless customer experience, regardless of the scale or complexity of your digital ecosystem.

Through this integration, your customer data fuels content personalization within Contentful. You can seamlessly integrate Segment audiences with Contentful, ensuring that your content speaks directly to each customer segment. This tailored content strategy is key to driving engagement and building lasting customer relationships.

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