Contentful Announces Partnership with WPP to Deliver Composable Content Solutions for Inclusive and Accessible Brand Experiences

August 10, 2023

Contentful is proud to announce its strategic partnership with WPP, the world’s largest advertising agency group focusing on communication, experience, commerce, and technology. Together, Contentful and WPP will provide targeted investment into joint product development and innovation to deliver composable content solutions for inclusive and accessible brand experiences that drive growth. 

To stay relevant in the marketplace, brands must evolve along with ever-changing consumer expectations and cultural norms. Today’s consumers expect digital experiences that are consistent across channels and responsive to their needs. However, according to WPP’s research, among the estimated one billion people globally who are living with a disability, three quarters believe that customer experience is failing. With a market for accessibility estimated at $13 trillion, the opportunity for brands is immense.  

Contentful and WPP partner for accessibility and inclusion The Contentful® Composable Content Platform brings the building blocks of content together to create once and reuse in any digital experience. Pairing it with WPP’s global expertise of innovative creative services and accessible design enables brands to build experiences that are inclusive and meet industry accessibility requirements. As a partner, Contentful will provide WPP with tools and expertise to enhance WPP’s existing offerings, such as Brand Guardian, an AI-powered accessibility tool from WPP’s Wunderman Thompson, that natively extends and integrates with Contentful.

“The partnership between Contentful and WPP enables us to deliver the best outcomes possible for every one of our customers,” said Steve Sloan, CEO of Contentful. “I'm thrilled to see the benefits of our composable content platform come to life with the expertise of the outstanding agencies within the WPP network.”

Contentful and WPP work together to deliver composable content capabilities and innovative solutions for leading companies around the world, such as Bayer, BP, Carlsberg, Danone, ECCO,  Hydrow, Three Mobile, and Vestas.

“We’re really proud of the experience that Contentful is giving us in terms of being able to very nimbly author and deliver content at speed and at scale,” said Reuben Kabel, Vice President, Digital Platforms, Hydrow. “We are no longer handcuffed to constraints we’ve had with content management systems in the past.” 

“With the acceleration of the changing consumer and social awareness demands upon brands, our clients’ need for fast time-to-market, and truly accessible, composable, and agile capabilities that meet with the expectations of the modern consumer has never been more important,” said Nilufar Fowler, Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at WPP. “This partnership with Contentful reflects our commitment to invest and develop unique composable commerce and digital experience content offerings for our clients.”

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About Contentful’s Partner Ecosystem

Contentful works with both solution and technology partners all over the world to help customers deliver world-class, content-driven digital experiences that support their business goals. In today’s composable landscape, Contentful’s strong partner ecosystem – made up of industry experts from leading agencies and consultancies, as well as other best-in-class technologies – enables organizations to deliver the compelling, personalized experiences that customers demand.

About Contentful

Contentful is the intelligent composable content platform that unlocks all of an organization’s digital content to deliver impactful customer experiences, making content a strategic business asset. The Contentful Platform, Contentful Studio, and the Contentful Ecosystem combine the flexibility of composable content with the intelligence of AI, empowering digital teams to drive business momentum through collaboration, speed, and scale. Contentful powers innovative content experiences across brands, regions, and channels for organizations around the world, including nearly 30% of the Fortune 500. For more information, visit

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