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Delivering the future of composable, inclusive, and accessible brand storytelling is within your reach. Free your teams to work together to connect, create, and extend content more efficiently.

Free your content

Keeping up with customer expectations by offering the latest and greatest experiences requires the freedom and flexibility offered by going composable. But making the jump from traditional tech stacks takes the right technology, implemented by the right team. Together, WPP and Contentful help you free your content, delivering the future of composable, inclusive, and accessible storytelling to help brands drive growth and maximize content-driven experiences.

Brands look to WPP and Contentful to:

  • Increase speed-to-market logo

    Increase speed-to-market

    for new commerce and digital experiences, allowing brands to generate results sooner.

  • Unlock freedom and flexibility for your teams logo

    Unlock freedom and flexibility for your teams

    to innovate and customize when building a composable stack, giving a competitive edge in meeting customer demands.

  • Seamlessly scale content  logo

    Seamlessly scale content

    to offer intelligent digital experiences that meet today's needs and easily evolve for the future.

WPP companies

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WPP Open Brand Guardian

Developed by WPP Open and the VML team,  powered by AI, VML Open Brand Guardian enables teams to reduce the time spent on reviewing, revising and approving marketing campaigns and overall workload.

With its plug-and-play solution, VML Open Brand Guardian seamlessly integrates with Contentful’s technology solution and can easily scale it across your brands and efficiently analyze all the creative assets.

CF WPP Brand Guardian AppExchange Visual

Contentful & WPP customer: Hydrow

“The team at Contentful has done an amazing job of making the tools for external developers really simple and streamlined — and they're extremely well documented, too. Creating experiences that enhance the user experience for content creators is easy, and it's actually super fun, too."

Marcos Mellado, Tech Lead


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