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Adapt is a forward-thinking full-service agency specializing in digital solutions that Make a Difference. Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Adapt set up shop in Portland, Maine, because of the state’s incredible community and appreciation of Earth’s natural resources. We provide people-centered creative problem-solving for our clients by connecting their needs with smart, scalable, and sustainable digital solutions. We closely align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by prioritizing green energy, sustainable and accessible web design, and by working closely with the Blue and Green economies. The internet can feel intangible, but it has a large carbon footprint. We want to bring all industries into a greener digital space. Let’s create a more sustainable (and beautiful) digital world, together!

Services offered
  • Content Modeling
  • Contentful Implementation
  • Change Management & Training
  • Ongoing Content Services
  • Technology Solution Consulting
Denmark, United States of America, Lithuania

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