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CMG Digital is a scaling digital design & smart production agency.  As a Contentful Global Partner, we have to date launched and managed over 100 sites on the platform, with many more in the build phase. 

Clients including Procter & Gamble and GlaxoSmithKline trust us to be their Global Digital Agency, and for these clients alone, we have managed approximately 1000 websites worldwide, 700 of which we also built.  Our differentiator is we deliver digital through our commercially measured processes, which drives excellence to our clients' entire business.

So how can you gain value from CMG?

We can help you design and build your new CMS and web platform, and or optimise and maintain an existing one. Plus, if you are reaching the limits of your Free or Basic plans, and may need to scale up to an Enterprise Level Platform, CMG can help you design, build and manage the process.

Are you thinking of migrating to Contentful from a legacy system? You are in safe hands. We have migrated brands to Contentful from Umbraco, Wordpress, Sitecore and others, and the process is not as daunting as it first seems. Migration is also a great time to spring clean your content and maybe consider the rest of your tech stack; we can help you here too.

Our whole team of strategists, UX/UI designers, data analysts, developers and testers ensure your platform solution looks great, but performs great as well. 

We enable clients to better meet today’s digital consumer, but with a focus on digital sustainability to further help increase ROI: We reduce cost by simplifying but future proofing clients tech, implementing efficiencies and leveraging investment. From a content POV, we save waste by increasing asset adoption rate and consistency. 

Everybody deserves excellent digital. Allow CMG to increase excellence in your world.

Services offered
  • Content Modeling
  • Contentful Implementation
  • Change Management & Training
  • Ongoing Content Services
  • Technology Solution Consulting
Croatia, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America

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