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Corra is a global agency that builds the world’s fastest and most flexible digital storefronts. Pylot, our headless commerce framework, speeds time-to-value, while our TotalCare managed services program provides gold-standard support and enhancements.

We are strategic thinkers, accomplished engineers, and award-winning experience designers. We believe outstanding customer experiences can’t exist without flawless technology, and that flawless technology is pointless without beautiful, human-centered design.

Our clients are an integral part of our team. Together, we remove the obstacles that are limiting growth and discover new opportunities. We don’t rest until our clients achieve their full potential.

We have 20 years of experience in commerce technology, but we also know that customer expectations are constantly evolving. For this reason, we’ve built future-proof solutions and refined an execution process that helps our clients achieve more with less. From Progressive Web Apps and headless commerce accelerators to pre-built CX assets, we’ve laid the foundation that allows you to realize your vision faster.

With headquarters in New York and hubs in 12 cities across three continents, Corra is uniquely positioned to support clients around the world and around the clock.

Services offered
  • Content Modeling
  • Contentful Implementation
  • Ongoing Content Services
  • Technology Solution Consulting
United States of America, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, India

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