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With the shift towards headless and composable architectures, marketing teams feel that they have lost the ability to intuitively manage experiences; the control over who sees what content when and where falls squarely into the hands of the developer.  Conscia puts marketers back in control to activate personalized and intelligent experiences while giving digital teams the freedom to future proof their architecture.

  • Puts Marketers Back in Control

Marketers know their customers best.  With the Conscia / Contentful integration, Marketers can now define who sees what content on what channel in an intuitive interface without reliance on IT.

  • Deliver Personalized Content Fast

Unlike many of our competitors who push the experience logic into client side javascript (or SDKs), Conscia's DX Engine sits on the Edge and evaluates experience logic in real-time at unprecedented speeds. 

  • Consistent Experiences Across Channels

Conscia offers a centralized engine to manage and activate experiences on all channels.  This ensures that customers see consistent and continuous experiences throughout their journey with your brand.

  • 1:1 Personalization and Intelligent Recommendations

Conscia creates a digital identity graph based on customer’s online and offline interactions and uses both rule-based and AI-powered logic to activate unique experiences for every customer.

  • Powerful APIs for Digital Teams

Development teams have access to powerful APIs that can be used to manage and deliver personalized content experiences.  

  • Connects Easily with Front-End Platforms

The DX Engine can be accessed by any visual builder platform such as and Stackbit and any front-end platform such as Next.js, Vue.js, React.js, etc to offer Marketing a preview function and WYSIWYG capabilities to control the visual aspect of their front-end experience.

  • Promotes Composable Architecture

Both Contentful and Conscia are API first, headless platforms allowing organizations to move towards a compostable architecture.

Contentful and Conscia - Better Together

Conscia offers marketing teams an intuitive interface, Experience Studio, to manage personalized experiences driven by content and assets that are being managed in Contentful.  The experience can be personalized based on the customer’s real-time intent and signals such as location, device, time of day, as well as traits such as product or content affinities computed by Conscia from historical interaction data.

Contentful offers powerful APIs that not only deliver content to the front-ends at amazing speed and scale, but also supports advanced filtering of content based on tags and other metadata.  Most personalization platforms are unable to take advantage of this capability of Contentful.  This is because they have to copy content from Contentful into their own content hubs for the purpose of personalization and then serve these images from their own cloud infrastructure.  Conscia requires no lifting or shifting of content and accesses this content via Contentful APIs in real-time.

Marketing teams can manage the following types of reusable experience components in Experience Studio:

  • A hand selected set of content items

  • A dynamic list of content items based on tags and advanced filters applied against content metadata

  • Intelligent content recommendations based on the customer’s real-time context and historical profile. 

This video showcases how Conscia gives Marketers the ability to personalize content in Contentful for any customer context while exposing the full potential of Contentful.

  • Personalization

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