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Conscia is a Knowledge Graph that has the ability to unify customer data and content from disparate systems and applications with a schema-agnostic data platform. Through the Unify App, Conscia offers multi-space orchestration and personalization to Contentful’s customers, allowing them to create unified and personalized payloads to power cross-channel experiences with ease, speed, performance and scale. Unlike alternative architectures involving GraphQL, Fastify and Mulesoft, Conscia pre-generates payloads based on various contexts, locales and customer segments and syncs them with a dedicated Contentful space, taking advantage of Contentful’s global delivery infrastructure. Conscia also provides the option of publishing these payloads to any other CDN of your choice. Conscia’s Unify app puts the technologists in the driver seat offering them ways to remove dependencies on expensive systems integrators, to allocate resources to customer and business value drivers.

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