The Lytics Customer Data Platform (CDP) enables customers to create a single, connected view of their customer from all data sources. The Lytics graph data model supports robust identity resolution, managing complex merge, mapping and cleansing of customer data to create a real-time view of your customer for marketers to gain insights and deliver personalized experiences.

Customers expect a high level of personalization today that follows the format of a digital native. Non-digital natives are having a hard time delivering personalized content because customer data is fragmented and no single view of the customer exists across all channels. It’s difficult to gain customer insights in order to deliver expected personalized experiences.

The integration with Contentful utilizes the Lytics content affinity engine to classify Contentful documents and works with Lytics content recommendations to act as the decisioning layer for true one-to-one content personalization. Integrating Lytics and Contentful enables insights-driven content personalization. With Lytics and Contentful, organizations can deliver on the customer’s expectations for personalized messaging based on their interactions with their brand.

  • A/B Testing & Personalization

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