Excel at customer experiences, not custom backends

GraphQL is a simple-to-use data query format that allows front-end developers to define exact server responses and aggregate content from multiple sources without the overhead of managing backend systems.
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Turn content silos into engaging apps

  • Mobile apps

    Build faster, more responsive mobile apps by making fewer API calls and shrinking data transfers.

  • Modern stack websites

    Use cutting-edge front-end technologies and frameworks to build robust websites.

  • Content hubs

    Aggregate your content from multiple sources and deliver it to any touchpoint.

  • Modular architectures

    Empower individual teams to evolve and manage data APIs without external dependencies.

Content fetching

  • Build faster, more responsive apps

    Keep your visitors browsing and customers engaged. GraphQL helps reduce the number of API calls and the amount of data transfers, leading to quicker responses, faster interactions and better business results.


Integrate data from multiple sources


Getting started with Contentful and GraphQL


The modern website strategy guide

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Our engineers share their learnings from working with GraphQL

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