Accelerate site speed with Contentful and Vercel


Let Contentful’s Developer Advocate, Brittany Walker, and Vercel’s Director of Developer Relations, Lee Robinson, get you up and running with Contentful and Vercel! In this webinar, they show you how to manage content with Contentful, fine-tune the front-end with Next.js, and deploy your application with Vercel.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn the basics of Contentful including setup and content modeling

  • See how to deploy a Contentful-supported site with Vercel

  • Understand how Vercel and Contentful integrate to support faster development

  • Discover how to pair GraphQL and Contentful in Next.js

  • Learn about Contentful’s preview mode and Vercel’s on-demand ISR

Accelerate site speed with Contentful and Vercel
Recorded on
April 13, 2022
47 minutes
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Brittany Walker
Brittany Walker
Developer Advocate
Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson
Director of Developer Relations
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