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Agile ecommerce and the future of retail


What's inside

What's inside

Heightened consumer expectations and a sprawling digital landscape require retailers to reimagine how they connect product, data and content to deliver the immersive, personalized shopping experiences consumers demand at scale. Digital-first retailers are taking an agile, composable approach to ecommerce that’s built on a stack of integrated best-in-class technologies curated to support current and future commerce needs. With content providing the context for ecommerce experiences, content becomes the foundation of this agile approach and modern stack, empowering retailers to create scalable, consistent and personalized experiences across the entire customer journey.

In this white paper, we'll discuss emerging trends defining the state of ecommerce and challenges brands face in meeting new consumer expectation. Then we’ll explain how an agile approach to ecommerce helps brands operate effectively and efficiently in the digital-first era.  

Key takeaways:

  • Define agile ecommerce and learn about the present state of the retail

  • Understand the new approach to commerce necessary for success

  • Become familiar with technology, tools and features that support ecommerce best practices


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