Agile ecommerce in practice


What's inside

What's inside

Today, customers are interacting with retailers online more than ever before. They’re shopping from smartphones, tablets and apps, with many preferring hybrid models that connect digital and in-store shopping experiences. Consumers who don’t find what they’re looking for quickly and easily have the option to browse and shop elsewhere with just the click of a button. 

Although the stakes are high, ecommerce isn’t a game of win or lose. It’s a game of win or improve. Companies that aim to keep pace with changing customer preferences, global demand and evolving digital landscapes, must adopt an agile approach to ecommerce that allows them to be responsive and iterative with the experiences they ship. Content is key to this approach, allowing brands to create context for every stage of the buyer’s journey. If the final destination is the checkout page, content is the mode of transportation that gets customers there. 

In this ebook, we highlight how leading retailers that have adopted an agile approach to ecommerce are creating personalized, localized and omnichannel experiences for their customers. 

Key takeaways:

  • Gain insight on what the current state of ecommerce/digital retail looks like

  • Read profiles on the tactics and successes of leading ecommerce retailers including ALDO Group, Bang & Olufsen, Shisheido Professional and more

  • Learn how a content platform supports agile ecommerce technologies, strategies and overall success


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