APIs are an author's best friend


In this one hour session, expert developers teach you how to adapt Contentful to the needs and workflows of your editorial teams.

Generic UIs. At their best, they promise familiarity, at their worst ––long hours spent searching for workarounds and constructing duct-tape hacks. But what happens when customizing your CMS goes from being a quarterly initiative to a lightweight coding exercise?

In this session, we offer real world insights into:

  • The anatomy of a great UI extension

  • Extensibility tooling (official and unofficial)

  • From CTR-C CTR-V to serverless functions

  • The do's and don'ts of customization

  • If you build it, who maintains it?

Lee Martin and Diego La Manno, two front end developers, share their experience of customizing Contentful to the needs of editorial teams. Expect stories from the field along with some design advice. Our friends show you how to introduce serverless functions and share creative ways to integrate Apple Music, Clearbit, and Spotify APIs into Contentful.

Recorded on
28 March 2019
53 minutes
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Lee Martin
Developer and Designer,
Diego La Manno
Senior Web Developer,
Rouven Wessling
Director of Technology Partnerships, EMEA

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