By Builders, for Builders: How Developers Use the App Framework to Build Integrations with Contentful

Recorded on
24 February 2021

Contentful has always been a platform for builders. Over the past year, the App Framework has given teams the tools to easily integrate third-party services with the Contentful platform, or build custom integrations suited to specific business needs.

Join our in-house experts, David Fateh and Artas Bartas, for an anniversary webinar as they discuss the App Framework and the pivotal role it plays in enabling Contentful customers to build out custom platforms for managing digital experiences. Using practical app examples, they show you how development teams use the framework to add new features to Contentful and streamline the process of content creation.

Key takeaways:

  • What the App Framework is, how it evolved over the last year, and where it’s headed

  • Where the App Framework fits into the tech stack

  • How App Framework building blocks and developer tooling can help you get started

  • How companies are building apps across different levels of complexity

  • How to get started with editorial apps, external integrations and automated workflows

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Artas Bartas
Artas Bartas
Senior Product Marketing Manager
David Fateh
David Fateh
Senior Software Engineer
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