Content intelligence strategy: build a practice for competitive differentiation

During a recent webinar collaboration with market research firm Forrester, guest speaker Nick Barber, senior Analyst at Forrester, and Mark Demeny, head of content management strategy at Contentful, shared market insights and best practices on how breaking down content gives companies a competitive edge in delivering personalized, omnichannel experiences.

This report summarizes a question-and-answer exchange between Mark and Nick on their key insights. This quick read will give you tips on how to build your ideal tech stack and organizational structure to gain a competitive edge and how to orchestrate content using context and customer data.

Start atomizing your content to stand out from the crowd

Brands are pressed to deliver customer experiences that span a spectrum of digital mandates; only digital leaders with the most differentiated approach will succeed. Read the Q&A report here to learn how you can stand out.

Learn key insights from Forrester on these topics:
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    Building internal alignment
    What are some simple ways to get content and IT teams aligned to make decisions for Content and DX architecture?
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    Overcoming digital sameness
    How can companies start atomizing content to combat digital sameness? And how can they get the most out of combining their tech stack to support that goal?
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    Gaining a competitive edge
    What five things do you see brands prioritizing in terms of their tech stack and organizational structure efforts to give them a competitive edge?
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