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Content operations for editorial teams

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What's inside

5 ways content operations can free content marketers to focus on writing

Read the white paper for tactical tips on how to bring the transformative power of content operations to your business.

Bring the transformative power of content operations to your business. Download to learn:

  • The specific roles and responsibilities of content operations

  • How content operations removes bottlenecks

  • Key benefits for editorial teams and content marketers

  • How to get started with content operations

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What's inside

In recent years, content marketing and digital content creation has become vital to an organization’s success. Its popularity has transformed businesses and team structures while introducing a new wave of operational complexities. “Content marketing” is not a complete description of what editorial teams do anymore because so much of their time is consumed by operations. Unfortunately, legacy CMS solutions cannot meet the demands of this huge jump in complexity.

Luckily, there’s a new approach: content operations—the set of processes for strategically planning, distributing and analyzing content.

Research shows that up to 53 percent of an editor’s time is spent on content operations. It’s time to free your content marketers to do what they do best.

How Contentful changes the game
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