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Developers' guide to the traditional CMS alternative

What's inside

What's inside

A how-to guide for mastering content infrastructure

No matter what type of business you operate, if you’re using a traditional CMS there’s a good chance you’re struggling with managing and delivering content. Content infrastructure is cloud-based, made to scale, and flexible in every way that monolithic CMSes are not.

Download the white paper to learn how you can modernize your website strategy, including:

  • Understanding content modeling and how to start your first web project with Contentful

  • How content infrastructure empowers development teams and content creators to work seamlessly together

  • Locking down your security, using UI extensions, and streamlining your content workflow

  • How to future-proof your content and set yourself up to continually optimize and scale in the long term

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What's inside

If you’re a developer using a traditional CMS, there’s a good chance you’re struggling to ship digital products quickly and efficiently. After all, the CMS was created for a different time when the website was the only digital contact point and apps, digital signage, wearables and conversational interfaces didn’t exist. Traditional content management systems (CMSes) can’t always meet these heightened expectations, especially in terms of scalability and flexibility.

Digital leaders are increasingly turning to a new platform to solve their needs: content infrastructure. Content infrastructure is an API-first, modular approach to managing content that integrates a fully editable backend content repository with a flexible, customizable front-end. As a pioneer in developing content infrastructure, Contentful helps to manage and deliver content effectively on any digital platform, including websites, apps, wearables, signage and conversational interfaces.

Enterprises are increasingly migrating from traditional monolith CMSes to content infrastructure because of the versatility of the platform and the ability to go serverless. Serverless gives you the freedom to choose your own stack and programming languages, instead of tying them down. Being built from the ground up for the digital era way of working, Contentful also covers a wide array of use cases of handling content and in enabling digital workflow of your transforming organization. That’s proven by the many companies, of all sizes, doing a wide variety of things with Contentful.

After scouring far and wide for a solution to your web content needs, you’re convinced by content infrastructure’s advantages over a traditional CMS. Now, what about the big picture? How will you build your web project? How will your developers work with the APIs and which stack will they use? How can your content teams manage their assets within the platform? This guide will break that big picture down into smaller chunks and go through how effortlessly intuitive it is to get your content infrastructure up and running. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to slide into using Contentful, as highlighted in this guide. Getting started is nearly foolproof. Download the guide to get started.

How Contentful changes the game
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