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A how-to guide for mastering content infrastructure

No matter what type of business you operate, if you’re using a traditional CMS there’s a good chance you’re struggling with managing and delivering content. Content infrastructure is cloud-based, made to scale, and flexible in every way that monolithic CMSes are not.

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Download the white paper to learn how you can modernize your website strategy, including:

  • Understanding content modeling and how to start your first web project with Contentful
  • How content infrastructure empowers development teams and content creators to work seamlessly together
  • Locking down your security, using UI extensions, and streamlining your content workflow
  • How to future-proof your content and set yourself up to continually optimize and scale in the long term
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Trusted by industry leaders such as:

" Content infrastructure is an API-first modular approach to managing content that integrates a fully editable back content repository with a flexible, customizable front-end. "

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