The digital innovation gap


What's inside

What's inside

In the industry’s largest ever survey of CMS users, we found a gap between where businesses are and where they need to be to meet customer expectations:

  • 82% of business leaders say digital capabilities are directly tied to revenue, but two-thirds are worried that they’re falling behind competitors.

  • 72% of digital leaders believe their CMS is capable of managing omnichannel content, but only 34% of content creators agree.

  • 70% of respondents say their software ecosystems are growing and they need API-first platforms that allow them to use a broad range of systems and components. Yet only 36% are currently using API-first solutions. 

Staying competitive in the digital-first era hinges on building, launching and iterating on new digital products and experiences faster. Next-generation tools that empower builders to unify content and workflows across channels are key to accelerating digital efforts in a scalable, repeatable way.

Read the full report to get insights into the digital innovation gap and how the right tools enable teams to build faster and accelerate speed to market.


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