White paper

The digital transformation maturity model

Whitepaper - The digital transformation maturity model

What's inside

What's inside

Digital transformation is how businesses are adapting to the impact of rapidly emerging technology. Everything depends on your industry and where you are in your digital transformation journey, whether you’re engaging customers on social media, using AI on an assembly line or transitioning your business into a software development company.

This paper breaks digital transformation down into stages, with a focus on the different paths businesses can take to move forward. This will help you better understand the path your business is on, where to focus your efforts and how to navigate common roadblocks.

Find your path through the stages of digital transformation:

  • Getting started - Successful projects are used as proof of concept to convince team leaders to champion further change.

  • Evolving and unifying - Discussions about digital strategy become more formal as organizations begin to define their path to transformation.

  • Transformation into a digital-first organization - Digital transformation isn’t an endpoint — it’s the process that takes you from a slowly evolving traditional organization to an agile, tech-enabled business.

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Whitepaper - The digital transformation maturity model

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