Disrupting the status quo and building the future of financial services
How to scale with modern content management

In the age of online banking, customers are demanding easy and secure access to their services on any digital device, at any time.  

In this ebook, discover how top companies in the industry are using technology to meet demand and create omnichannel experiences that engage and convert across the entire customer journey.

While flexibility offers endless possibilities, it can be difficult to define the right path for your business. Seeing how others have succeeded can help. Check out a few customer highlights below and read the full ebook to learn more:

  • SumUp - SumUp transformed their localization program and introduced the ability to reuse and repurpose content, independent of channel or language. As a result, marketing and support teams can update and publish content faster.

  • Xoom - XOOM (a PayPal service) optimized workflows between developers and editors to deliver digital content faster and without compromises on quality. This led to a decrease in deployment time from two weeks to 30 minutes.

  • Clover - Clover empowered their content teams to edit content themselves, resulting in a streamlined production process that enables faster content creation and personalization.

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