Doing more with apps: How to build your first Contentful dashboard


As companies choose to assemble rather than buy all-in-one stacks, engineering teams are asked to turn disparate tools into seamless platforms capable of delivering compelling digital experiences. The App Framework makes it easy for customers to extend their Contentful instances with new features and capabilities.

But how does one begin building an app? In this webinar, we introduce key features of the App Framework — app identities, events, page locations — and show you how to use them to build advanced apps. Using the example of the editorial dashboard, we provide a step-by-step build guide and share useful tips and best practices.

Key takeaways:

  • Identify the right building blocks for your project

  • Understand the types of scenarios supported by apps

  • How to integrate your app into the web app

  • How to distribute your app to end users

  • Discover useful tools and practical resources

Doing more with apps: How to build your first Contentful dashboard
Recorded on
15 October 2020
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Artas Bartas
Artas Bartas
Senior Product Marketing Manager
John Whiles
John Whiles
Software Engineer

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