Engineering the modern website

A strategic guide to deploying content infrastructure

Today’s websites are no longer simply a collection of published pages — they are full applications in their own right. Download our guide to learn how enterprises are taking a product-centric approach to building and running their web properties.

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If you are responsible for delivering websites for your business, then this guide is for you:

  • Take a deep dive into the product-centric approach to building websites, with a special focus on the role of content infrastructure
  • Read about key technology trends and best practices favored by website product managers and teams
  • Learn how to build and manage content infrastructure using Contentful

The best websites are engaging, personalized digital experiences that are data-driven and enhanced by new technologies like artificial intelligence or machine learning. Context is key — people now experience websites on a wider range of connected devices than ever before. In response, business leaders are shifting the way they think about their content. Websites must constantly evolve to meet changing demands and consistently deliver value to customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders.

Traditionally, engineering organizations built or rebuilt their sites as one massive project with a set budget, timeline and launch. Post-launch, they might update website content incrementally, but usually little investment is made in the site until the next major “site refresh.” In the meantime, the website’s users, as well as the market and business, all move forward, leaving the website to stagnate.

To stay competitive, most companies are racing to address dynamic forces in their industry. Software delivery methodologies that enable rapid responsiveness — like agile development — allow teams to ship website updates continuously. Fast, fluid website iteration with numerous daily pushes to production keeps users engaged with fresh, relevant content and features.

Content infrastructure lies at the heart of the modern website. Like any digital application, content drives the online experience. Whether you manage a corporate marketing website, customer knowledge base or campaign landing pages, how you publish, update and manage your content is critical to success. Download this comprehensive white paper to learn key insights you need to create and manage modern websites.

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Learn key insights you need to create and manage modern websites.

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