Contentful emerges as a Contender among web CMS vendors

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Forrester signals a market shift towards agile CMS in two recent reports

The Forrester Wave™: Web Content Management Systems (Q4 2018) report states that Contentful’s "API-first and cloud-native approach excels," and that "Contentful is a good fit for progressive digital initiatives that want to unify content services across channels and projects."

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  • How web CMS has evolved and how content infrastructure is changing the game

  • The distinctions between traditional CMS, headless CMS and content infrastructure

  • An overview of web CMS market trends

  • Evaluations of vendor offerings, strategy and market presence

  • Analysis of how WCM systems can accelerate digital initiatives

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What's inside

On the same day it released the Wave, Forrester also released a report entitled: “Coming Soon: Agile Content Curation And Orchestration Will Redefine CMS,” declaring “the end of Web CMS as we know it.”

So, what’s next? The Forrester Web CMS Wave predicts a major market shift, stating that traditional CMS is becoming "outdated and less effective." The market is evolving beyond experience CMS and headless CMS and now demands agile CMS. The race is on.

Forrester defines agile CMS as “a solution for collaboratively curating, creating, and delivering content across channels and campaigns via iterative development and deployment processes.” As the name suggests, this evolution in the market is being driven by the need for companies to integrate their content strategies into modern agile software processes. Why? Because building brands now also means building software.

Contentful takes an agile approach to content architecture, providing solutions described more often as PaaS than traditional CMS. Contentful’s modern approach to content management isn’t just a developer solution — it’s ready for the big leagues, with enterprise-scale speed and flexibility. Contentful’s appearance in the Forrester Wave for the first time as a Contender is exciting, and we see our placement in the Wave as a sign of the market’s evolution. Enterprises now require faster speed to market for their digital products and increased agility and innovation for their digital teams.

In this report, you’ll have access to key industry insights into the changing landscape of CMS and to the full Forrester Wave™: Web Content Management Systems Report (Q4 2018). Download the complimentary report to learn more about the future of content management.

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How Contentful changes the game
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