Fast and flexible API-driven static sites

The power of GatsbyJS and Contentful

Static site generators + content infrastructure

A better way to build websites

Benefits of going static

  1. Fast and scalable - host your site on a CDN or any other storage layer
  2. Cost effective - no need for expensive backend servers
  3. Secure – static files have a much smaller attack footprint
  4. No maintenance cost – static sites don't need patches, version updates, plugins, etc.
  5. Dynamic – thanks to serverless services and technologies

Gatsby and Contentful – the perfect match

What you know best – React

Use React and its powerful ecosystem to quickly build beautiful experiences for your users without reinventing the wheel.

Build apps rather than yet another static site

Use JavaScript to build your component-driven site and let it take over the browser for deeper navigations to guarantee fast load times.

Edit your content with a friendly interface

Use the Contentful web editor to update your content and set up automated rebuilds using webhooks.

Save time with automated asset handling

Use the Contentful Images API to resize your images on the fly and save time by not having to create and manage many versions of the same image.

Create modern static sites with Gatsby and Contentful today

  • Blazingly fast websites with GatsbyJS and Contentful

    A series of video tutorials explaining how to get started.

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  • Gatsby Contentful starter

    A community project that sets up a new project in just a few minutes.

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  • The new era of static site generators

    Read about the next generation of static site generators

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