GraphQL API cheat sheet


What's inside

What's inside

GraphQL is a query language that gives developers flexibility in retrieving data from APIs.  In a single query, you can ask for exactly what you want — regardless of content type — with the help of strongly-typed schema. With compact queries that return small responses void of unnecessary response data, applications run faster. GraphQL delivers a better developer experience by reducing the need for response parsing and helping you quickly build and deploy features.  It makes editors, writers and other users happy as it allows the whole organization to quickly access content from multiple sources, supporting agile work.

This cheat sheet highlights the most commonly used GraphQL features and tools. 

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about GraphQL tools and how to access them

  • Become familiar with Contentful GraphQL queries

  • Solidify knowledge of GraphQL basics for queries, aliases, fragments, directives, requests, and variables

  • Explore additional resources

Download the cheat sheet to use as a quick reference guide on Contentful’s GraphQL API and start querying!


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