Demystifying Headless CMS


The age of agile CMS is upon us. In recent years, a new type of CMS has appeared: headless CMS.

As the new kid on the CMS block, headless CMSes have quickly gathered interest from developers and businesses. Since they behave a little bit differently than traditional CMSes, there’s been some confusion among developers and marketers alike.

Watch this recording to have a closer look at some of the myths surrounding headless CMS. In the first part, Contentful Solution Engineer Harry Jeyarajah gives an introduction into headless and then dives into some common associated myths. In the second part, Frank, director of software development from Virtual Identity, explores in-depth examples, from production projects and UI extensions.

What you will learn:

  • What a (real) headless content platform looks like

  • How marketing and technical teams are adopting headless CMSes

  • How to make a headless content platform extensible, with three different examples

Finally, we’ll dive deeper with audience questions, answered by Harry and Frank.

Recorded on
25 November 2020
70 minutes
Watch now

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